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           The doctor on his or her morning ward rounds will write your discharge notes.
 However, depending on specific cases or your health, you may be discharged 
 at an odd time.
           The usual discharge time is before 12 noon.  For discharges between 12 noon and 5.00pm, a half day room rate is applicable, and for discharges after 5.00pm, a full day’s room rate applies.
           Patients with an insurance medical card/guarantee letter from the   insurance company or employer must allow some time for the discharge procedures to be completed.
           Patients are advised to wait in the room until they are called to sign for the final bill at the inpatient billing counter on the ground floor.

          Extra payment
For patients who are covered by insurance or an employer’s (company) guarantee letter, please note that there may be hospital or medical bills which are not covered by the insurance policy or employer.  Patients must settle all bills that are not covered by insurance or the employer before they are discharged.
           Refund of deposit
If you have paid a deposit while awaiting insurance approval, your deposit is refunded when the insurance company’s approval is received.  
Cash paying patients will get a refund if the deposit paid is more than the actual expenses incurred. Current bills are given to patients every two days during their stay in the ward.