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 Real People Real Stories

'From the reception desk on my first visit until the 3rd floor (ward), all the staff had done an excellent job.'
- Rosnani Mofti (Her son, Alif Haiqal was admitted to Room 322, on 2nd January 2013.)

'Everyone including the nurses and midwife has been great.'
- Rachel Cheah (Rachel was admitted to Ward 4, Rajawali 4 on 3rd January 2013.)

'Everyone was very helpful. Credit to all of them for being so gentle.'
- Abdul Hafiz Hasbullah (His daughter, Maryam Abdul Hafiz was admitted to Ward 4, Rajawali 2 on 4th January 2013.)

'Can't single out anyone but every staff we've come across had been very friendly and helpful.'
- Sulaiha Sawadi (Sulaiha was admitted to Room 316, Ward 3 on 14th May 2013.)